Writing a romance novel worksheet

I've tried to make this site as helpful as I could. Everything here is put together to help other romance authors learn the ropes, improve their writing, promote their writing, stay in touch with other writers, or just keep on writing. I hope it's easy to find your way around the site and that you come back often to visit. I try to check the links on these pages from time to time, but there are so many pages and so many links, and websites often go down quickly and without warning, so please forgive any broken links you find.

Writing a romance novel worksheet

I found this comparison really interesting, but I got up on some of your points. How are you defining love triangles here? February 28, at 9: And I am sure there are even more ways to approach the love triangle than what I discussed here! February 28, at It makes the heroine seem weak and silly.

I also think that the focus on charm and good looks is very damaging to young readers. February 28, at 2: It used to be thought that a girl going after two guys at the same time meant she was a little boy-crazy.

They are such a good reminder that love is not about feelings, charm or wit, but all of the qualities you listed above! Thanks for this amazing take on love triangles!

writing a romance novel worksheet

I agree, modern YA love triangles annoy me, too! Kayla February 28, at 7: I try to include those crucial, missing values in my own writing. Simon, Helena, and Claire so one guy, two girls. Simon and Helena meet first, and both have feelings for one another. July 11, at And Helena bows out gracefully.

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Simon also has to be up front about having feelings for someone else. I hate it when people in books lie to each other. It just sets up everyone for a lot of pain, and also, it makes me think less of the character who dithers. July 23, at 6: Leave the first one for the second one. February 29, at 3: Her characters are SO real, which I think is what makes the writing so timeless and the romances so believable.

March 1, at 1: This is most powerful in Pride and Prejudice—Mr. But in Persuasion which has one of the biggest instances of love triangles—Wentworth has two young ladies after him, besides Anne, who is herself receiving interest from Mr.

Elliotthe opposite is true. I also like that there are often Actual Consequences to the love triangle, or acknowledgement of complications. You have the sense that the good guys Edward, Wentworth would bear the punishment of toying around marrying the chickswhile the bad or less good guys Frank, Wickham are the ones attempting to escape harm.

In YA, often at the end of the triangle everyone gets off free, with no emotional or social damages. March 3, at 1: So many romance novels and movies annoy me for the purpose that the girls are putting the guys through so much back and forth torture.

Yes, girls like to be pursued and sometimes play hard to get, but at the same time, if they constantly cannot decide a man for their future, what kind of girl are they really? It involves the heroine liking neither guy for a while, because she knows nothing of either.

However she has already blindly accepted her fate betrothed to the one, and tries to convince herself she can love him in time.

Unfortunately the other has truly captured her heart, by that time.

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Both men are admirable, each with varying good and bad qualities.Some write a full draft of the book before revising, others finalize each scene before moving on to the next.

However you handle the writing phase of creating a romance novel, many of the following worksheets, articles, and popular books offer resources and . To help you successfully complete your book in 30 days, here are nine worksheets to help you keep track of plot, scenes, characters and revisions.

All of these worksheets originally appeared in Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn Schmidt and were also featured in the special issue Write Your Novel in 30 Days.

The parameters for category romance have to be more defined because of the confines of word count. With single title you get almost double (or more) the amount of words, so have a lot more flexibility with the bigger books.

A romance novel or story is anything that revolves around matters of the heart, relationships and the like. Perhaps some of the greatest novels in the history may or may not be a true story. Most of these written are fiction and perceived by the author’s imagination.


After watching dozens of writing students struggle to sell Romance novels, bestselling author, Adrienne deWolfe, developed the worksheet series, Create Colorful Characters for Your Romance Novel.

Novel writing can be a great outlet to express your creativity. Whether you’re interested in writing a romance, adventure, sci-fi, crime, horror, fantasy, western or inspirational novel, you’ll need some help along the way to complete your first draft.

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