Writing a nursing journal article

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Writing a nursing journal article

Academic journals in nursing include articles that share research findings, literature reviews and theories in nursing. Reviews of new books, publications on research and theories as well as letters to the editor commenting on these new publications may be included in the academic journal. Academic journals are written for a MSN or Ph.

This journal contained a guest editorial discussing some programs and paradigms, or the specific ideas and theories behind the programs. The journal also included letters to the editor, a dialogue section, an article section and nurses notes. The dialogue section included written responses to previously published articles.

The other articles were written by Ph. The journal would be hard for the common person to read due to vocabulary used. The articles and even the dialogue responses included a list of references to their writing. Each of the articles had a short abstract paragraph and key words.

Some of the research reports included a background in their research, the methods used in the research or methodology, results and a discussion section on their results.

writing a nursing journal article

The articles reflected good writing through flow, correct grammar, and clarity. They also demonstrated characteristics of good writing in nursing as being to the point, clear and concise. Being to the point, by clearly stating ideas can be demonstrated in the article "Dimensions of a Nurse Caring.

These examples exemplify writing in nursing as being to the point, not wordy. The article was clear and shared the information in the research that was relevant to the article.

The method of this research included sharing information about the sample, instrument and procedures. Four reference tables displaying results were included in the publication.

The results summed up what they found in the study. The discussion included information about factors involved in the research, limitations of the study and concluding ideas. Non-academic journals in nursing are written for a practicing nurse.

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Articles in this type of journal may include clinical topics through a specific case, a quiz on types of drugs, and articles about a specific topic. Information about therapies, drugs, legal issues and patient issues may also be included in the non-academic journal.

Also included was the "nursing lite" which is a funny story about something that happened at work. A clinical highlight and articles about a certain topic were in the journal. The majority of the entries were one to two pages.

The main articles were the longest section of the journal. These articles were offered as a way to earn continuing education credits. RN offered an opportunity to earn continuing education credits by reading the articles, taking a quiz about the articles and signing up for the Home Study Program through the magazine.

Although the non-academic journal presents practicing nursing information the characteristics of the articles involved being to the point, concise and clear.

This can be demonstrated through the article, "Treating TB Today. A chart presenting commonly used TB drugs with side effects and nursing considerations is included with the article as well as a box regarding a specific aspect, "Controlling TB in the workplace.

The article is clear and presents information that is to the point, as seen in the first sentence of the article: Key concepts are also highlighted to effectively communicate with the audience of this article. The non-academic nursing journal may be easier for the common person to read than an academic journal.

The non-academic journal is primarily for the practicing nurse as drug topics or certain issues may be confusing to a common reader.x Poor communication in healthcare is recognized as a leading cause of medical errors.

There is a call from national healthcare organizations for nursing education to focus on higher level competencies. Teamwork and collaboration is one of these competencies and should be a priority in nursing education.

Check out the current article by Bayci & Akay, "Advanced techniques in the use of negative pressure wound therapy for closure of complex neonatal abdominal wounds" to see how this wound progressed. Wiley’s Nursing Journals Wiley is a leading publisher of nursing and healthcare journals, presenting the very best 1.

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Each issue offers a continuing nursing education (CNE) activity, regular columns, and a variety of feature articles on various topics impacting nurse informaticists.

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