Stem cells good bad and ugly

The human endometrium is a very dynamic tissue undergoing an extraordinary growth during pregnancy and, in a cyclic manner, during the reproductive life of each woman.

Stem cells good bad and ugly

Three Scientists Peer Reviewed Us. The Results Are In. As a scientist, it is in your nature to question everything, including your suppliers. You want the best products for your research, but you may be wary of the information that vendors provide. This has detracted from the task at hand: So we did what a scientist would do: The good, the bad and the ugly.

What is the quality? Amy Stone, University of Washington documentary Out of over applicants, three postdoctoral fellows were selected to represent the scientific community: Amy Stone University of WashingtonDr.

Stem cells good bad and ugly

Fiona Frame University of York. They visited our facilities, met our people and observed our processes. They didn't hold back and they asked us some tough questions.

Stem cells good bad and ugly

Follow their experience in this short documentary film. How was the peer review conducted? Who are the peer reviewers? What did they find? Read the detailed report or listen to the podcast to learn more. Ayre, Frame and Stone introduce themselves and discuss their research.

Hear them unpack their observations from the peer review and give three key recommendations.

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See what the reviewers had to say about our role in addressing scientific issues such as reproducibility, accessibility and quality. Accept with Minor Revisions It feels like a good model that could be used for other companies. Ayre noted in the podcast, it was unprecedented to let the peer reviewers into every department from top to bottom, to question our motives and values, to snoop through our processes and to get a glimpse of our goals and our challenges.

But in the end, the peer reviewers were impressed. But I think [given] their philosophy and their culture, they do want to reach out to scientists… to move the field forward.


Craig Ayre, Atlantic Cancer Research Institute podcast interview The peer reviewers liked what they saw during their visit. Going forward, they want to see us maintain what we do well, including ensuring the quality and consistency of our products.An expert panel unravels the good, bad and ugly dimensions of stem cell research to inform and empower health consumers.

Stem cell research is a hot field of medical science but one that’s also prone to scandal and scientific fraud. Damage to any tissue triggers a cascade of events that leads to rapid repair of the wound – if the tissue is skin, then repair involves re-epithelialization, formation of granulation tissue and contraction of underlying wound connective tissues.

This concerted effort by the wounded cell layers is accompanied by, and might also be partially regulated by, a robust inflammatory response, in.

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Stem Cell Therapy Regenera Global Lecture Bahamas With the explosion in the number of doctors offering stem cell treatments, I’m sure you’ve wondered how to find a doctor that knows what they’re doing.

This is a video of a talk I just gave at a stem cell. Stem cells may one day be used to make cells and tissues for therapy of many diseases. Examples include Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injury, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

The good, the bad, and the ugly exist in all aspects of the food system; endeavor to find them when you think about what is the ‘right’ change for a sustainable food future. References: Jones TW. The great thing today is I finally got my Stem Cells today. They are still telling me I could have 10 more.

days of the dreaded bad and ugly. I'm not sure how much more that Leonard and Leroy are going to want to be my friends.

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