Smoking ban on campus essay

Smoking on Campus For Mandie Sload, college and nicotine go hand in hand. A year-old student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Sload never smoked in high school. What is it about college life that lures her to smoke?

Smoking ban on campus essay

Smoking on Campus Today about four hundred thousands Americans die annually because of the health problem due to smoking.

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One and a half million people quit smoking a year, but more than fifty millions people keep on going. Tobacco contains nicotine, a drug that is addictive.

Once you start smoking, it is very hard, but not impossible to quit. Smoking has several harmful effects on the body. People who smoke for a significant period of time will have problems with breathing and will most likely be in poor health. One out of four deaths of people from thirty-five to sixty-four years old result from smoking.

Smoking ban on campus essay

Based on scientific research, every cigarette takes five and a half minutes of life away from a smoker. American Cancer Society I see that there is a large amount of college students who are willing to light up a cigarette whenever they want to on the college campus.

A previous study released in August showed that rates of current day smoking among college students increased by more than one-fourth between and from 22 to 28 percent and remained at the higher level in The researchers attribute this increase to an earlier rise in tobacco use among high school and middle school students, which reached historically high levels during the s Action on Smoking and Health.

They are actually harming other students around by releasing the smoke from their cigarettes, which contains an extraordinary amount of toxin, into the air.

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Each year, fifty three thousands people die from the effects of second-hand smoke. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that three thousands nonsmokers die each year from lung cancer obtained from being exposed to second-hand smoke American Heart. The American Heart Association says that thirty five thousands non-smokers die each year with heart problems associated with secondhand smoke.

In California, there is law that bans smoking in several public places but not all of them. In addition, many college smokers are social smokers who only smoke more when they are around with their peers. Nine out of ten responded that it was simply peer pressure.

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After smoking, he said that he felt less stressed and more relaxed. Here we see that, smoking on campus not only causes health problem to nonsmokers but also creates an environment that force other smokers to smoke more. As a college student, I see that smoking on college campus is largely ignored.

Therefore, there should be something to be done to reduce smoking on college campus. Many smokers said that they are aware of the harm of smoking.

It is a major cause of cancers of the lung, which leads cause of cancer death among both men and women, and is one of the most difficult cancers to treat. Cancers account for only about half of the deaths related to smoking.The figures for Arizona, North and South Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Idaho and Wyoming were too small to count.

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Smoking ban on campus essay

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Should smoking be banned on all college campuses? |

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