Road user satisfaction of the ghana

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Road user satisfaction of the ghana

The prevalence of traffic injuries and fatalities has attracted the attention of both, road safety professionals and policy makers. Road user behavior has been established to contribute significantly to RTCs.

The object of this study was therefore to assess the attitude of both pedestrians and motorists in relation to compliance with traffic safety regulation on the N1-Highway. Besides, driver compliance with traffic signal regulations and pedestrian road crossing behavior were also assessed.

The 85 th percentile speeds realized was In all, 42, motorists were registered, of which 0. More than 1 in 5 of thepedestrian observed jaywalked.

Road user behavior undoubtedly, presents a significant road safety challenge on the N1-Highway.

Road user satisfaction of the ghana

Road user education and training must be pursued and sustained, alongside strict enforcement of traffic safety regulations to modify road user, while considering legislation to regulate pedestrian behavior in traffic behavior for safer travels. Introduction Transportation is the lifeblood of every modern society.

Efficient and safe mobility of people, goods, and services ensures a thriving economy and improves quality of life. Road transport particularly, is the predominant mode of transport and thus the mainstay of most low-and-middle income countries, as other modes of transport are either underdeveloped or yet to be explored.

Transport is one of the key sectors that play critical roles in achieving the goals of poverty eradication and sustainable development UNESC, In light of this recommendation the government of Ghana GoG in her bid to stimulate economic growth, secured funding from the Millennium Challenge Cooperation MCC of the United States of America, to embark on the construction of a critical link on the National Highway 1 N1-Highway in the heart of Accra, to accommodate the soaring local, national, and international traffic.

Civil and Environmental Research www. Sadly, this critical link has seen very little infrastructural expansion to accommodate the exponential growth in traffic, in the Accra Metropolis since the s. Handling up to 30, vehicles per day, the kilometer two- lane undivided stretch of the N1-Highway, was often congested and lacked the operational capacity required to serve such high volumes of national, transnational, and local traffic MCC, The unsightly, odious, traffic jam culminated in excruciating travel times and increased transportation and vehicle operating costs for agricultural and other sectors.

The recently completed highway now boasts a six-lane, divided thoroughfare with four overpasses, one elevated circle interchange, street lighting, drainage, bus stops, extra-wide sidewalks with graded ramps, pedestrian walkovers, and stoplights at all major intersections MCC, Though, the refurbished highway has enhanced mobility in the Accra Metropolis, travels are, however, riddled with safety challenges.


Available crash statistics indicates that, barely 11 months after its inauguration, RTCs occurred on the TQM, between the period, February 14, and December 31,registering 52 fatalities and injuries. Besides, pedestrians were run-over by motor vehicles within the same period ExposeGhana.

This is certainly outrageous and the antithesis of the overall purpose of the rehabilitative programme. This unfortunate development presents a huge socio-economic impact on families, communities, and the nation as whole.

The economic impacts of RTCs are enormous. Estimate has it that, the economic loss due to RTCs is equivalent to 1. The quest for enhanced mobility certainly, should not be attained at the expense of human lives.At Mazda, our goal is to protect the earth by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in real-world driving as much as possible.

Since the internal combustion engine is expected to power the majority of vehicles for many years to come, we believe that perfecting it is the greatest contribution we can make.

residential user satisfaction of real estate housing in ghana joseph agyei danquah1 and prof. samuel o. afram2 1 research scientist, csir- building and road research institute, kumasi, ghana 2 lecturer, kwame nkrumah university of science and technology, kumasi, ghana.

SERVQUAL analysis of public bus transport services in Kumasi metropolis, Ghana: Core user perspectives. Transportation in Ghana is predominantly by road, with 98% of passengers and 94% of freight using road transport.

C. AntoniouPublic transit . SERVQUAL analysis of public bus transport services in Kumasi metropolis, Ghana: Core user perspectives. Transportation in Ghana is predominantly by road, with 98% of passengers and 94% of freight using road transport. C. AntoniouPublic transit . The road users in Ghana have become more educated, better informed, more internalized and as Ghanaian economy become more and more knowledge based, their demand for high quality services expends with the increase in customers’ buying power.

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