Relationship between parent and children essay

Essay on Parents Essay on Parents The society of our human beings is really a complex system. Then what is the basis, or say, the smallest unit of such an unwieldy system?

Relationship between parent and children essay

Relationship between parent and children essay

Some parents think that they should be strict with their children and their presence should scare them. If they keep scolding their children and dominating them they may develop a fear for their parents. They may not be close to their parents. An intimacy may not develop between the children and the parents.

Parents should exercise control over their children but they should not be a terror to them. Even teachers should not be a terror to their students.

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Parents should gently persuade their children to study, to be disciplined. If they go on pestering the children, the children may begin to dislike them.

They are not very mature and so they have to be handled with tact. Love and kindness should be the watchwords of the parents when dealing with their children.

If children are found disobedient and indiscipline they should be corrected only gradually. If parents are very strict with them, scolding them, beating them, they may try to escape from the home atmosphere.

They may be suddenly moody, suddenly jovial. Only tactful dealing with the children will reform and discipline them. It is a fact that there is bad relationship between some parents and their children because of the mishandling of the children by the parents.

It is wise for the parents to be loving and kind towards their children and at the same time tell them strictly what they should not do. Love and kindness towards their children are the natural instincts of parents.

But they should not spoil their children by showing them excessive love. The relationship between the parents and their children is unique.

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Though the parents may seem to be harsh with their children just because they want their children to grow disciplined there is a strong bond of love between them. The children are entirely dependent on their parents till they begin to earn. Even after a boy or girl gets married the relationship between the parents and their children continue as cordially as ever.

But in the US and in some other countries, a youngster, even while studying, works part-time, earns and wants to be independent. After a boy or a girl gets married the parents and their married children or daughter may visit one another periodically. The relationship between the parents and their children in India is very much stronger than in some western countries and this is a laudable feature.Relations Between Parents and Children.

was written by Clara Dixon Davidson, and published in Instead Of A Book, By A Man Too Busy To Write One in / It is . Demeter And Persephone: Relationship Between Parent And Child In the Story of Demeter and Persephone we learn about the relationship between parents and their children.

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This essay discusses the relationship between a parent and his/her child and parenting methods as a part of child counseling. It dwells upon how to best influence a child as it growing up, and how to best act towards it in order to instill discipline and character, when a child matures to g.

The relationship between a parent and child is one of the most important stages of life for the both of them. For the parents it is their responsibility as a good parent to able to keep the relationship /5(1). In many studies that are possing in today’s study set goals that test many different interactive involvements between themselves and their parental relationship quality.

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It is said that children with antisocial beliefs and bad attitudes show a different social contextual interaction with others. Guidelines for Supporting Healthy Relationships between Young Children and Their Parents First and foremost, attachment theory and research suggest that establishing a supportive and trusting relationship between the parent and practitioner is key to the practitioner’s work with the child-parent relationship.

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