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Perhaps more importantly, what does your desire to become invisible say about you as a person? And while people have always been interested in finding ways to achieve invisibility, the real question has always been what would happen to the moral fabric of society if people were able to act on their impulses without consequence. And while invisibility rings a la J. Advertisement Ideas reached Ball in London via Skype.

Philip ball science writer twitter sign

Media covering UK and US politics have lamented how truth is being sacrificed to misinformation, myth, spin or outright lies.

In Plain Sight

The need to tackle fake news then captured the attention of major social media players like Facebook. This panel discussion aims to jump-start a conversation around this question among the science journalism community.

The point of departure is that journalism and science aim for truth in different ways, and both are being challenged. On one hand, recent events suggest a deep questioning of what counts as a believable fact and truth.

How does this relate to science journalism practice?

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On the other hand, the crisis of trust in scientific evidence has arguably been building for some time, perhaps most clearly in the case of climate change. Jane Gregory, science communication scholar James Ball, special correspondent at Buzzfeed and author of Post-truth: If you wish to join please complete complete your membership application and also register indicating that you are joining to attend.

Please note only those who have pre-registered will be allowed entry to the event.Philip Ball's gloriously offbeat and intelligent book conducts us on a journey through the history of science, folklore, the wilder scientific fringes, cutting-edge physics, biology and ecology, to give a fascinating new perspective on life and the substance that sustains grupobittia.coms: 8.

As science writer Philip Ball describes, for Planck, the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany was a “catastrophe that had engulfed him, and which in the end destroyed him.” HIS SON WAS LINKED.

Philip Ball who is one of my favorite science writers has a thoughtful rumination on the constant tussle between beauty and truth in science.

Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

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philip ball science writer twitter sign

Comments & replies Twitter Search jobs Digital Archive Philip Ball. Philip Ball is a science writer.

philip ball science writer twitter sign

His latest book is The Water Kingdom: A Secret History of China. Philip Ball is a freelance writer and a consultant editor for Nature, where he previously worked as an editor for physical is a regular commentator in the scientific and popular media on science and its interactions with art, history and culture.

His ten books on scientific subjects include The Self-Made Tapestry: Pattern Formation in Nature, .

Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another by Philip Ball