Organisational behaviour leadership essay

Diversity in organizations is also related to OB in many different ways. Different people come from different countries bring different traditions and attitudes. People are now part of a worldwide economy with competition coming from nearly every continent.

Organisational behaviour leadership essay

More Essay Examples on Psychology Rubric The third assignment revealed that by focusing on a feature like performance one could discover specific motivational theories suited to it and how other can be instrumental to its goal.

It is my opinion that companies will really benefit from considering making use of the expectancy model. It is an individual directed approach to further effective performance.

They will have to apply the equity theory to make their approach fair and just. In fact, the expectancy model is as Organisational behaviour leadership essay an operational model as it is a motivational theory. The scope is so wide that it rather serves as a frame work.

That may explain why research can find little or no empirical support for the theory, reports Robbins Most other theories address a group of needs. This paper will prove it not to be so.

Organizational Behavior and Leadership Essay Sample

Reinforcement is the external control of consequences needs to motivate the person. Reinforcement can use any need in any order as a reward to strengthen a behaviour. I incorporated Luthans Pay, subsidies, company cafeterias, coupons. All employers, also in SA, will pay their employees, thus satisfying basic needs indirectly.

Yearly inflation related adjustments influenced by labour unions keeps the basic need satisfied. Marikana and De Doorns are recent events where employees went on a strike because pay was considered as insufficient to meet physiological and social schooling demands. In reinforcement theory a reward only has meaning when it strengthens a behaviour.

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The reward must also be immediate to be effective. Salary will now fail as positive reinforcement. Withholding the coupons will be negative reinforcement. Security plans, pension, health insurance, severance pay, unions. Most employers in SA will have a pension fund and medical scheme in place.

Mining companies in SA set safety rules that must be adhered to. How does the reinforcement theory apply this? They use consequences like money, holidays, certificates and recognition to reinforce behaviour to apply safety rules as antecedent.

Organizational Behavior and Leadership | Essay Example

Negative reinforcement is used when safety rules are broken. This can be achieved by negative body language, disapproval, cutting bonuses or withholding a bonus.

Organisational behaviour leadership essay

Thus different needs in any order! In extreme cases the reinforcement can end in dismissal of an employee.

Organisational behaviour leadership essay

Formal and informal workgroups, company sports and affiliations. Recreation clubs and sport facilities like the ERPM rugby club are common to most established South African mining companies serving as positive reinforcement. Reinforcement theory may use negative need reinforcement like suspended admission to the club which can differ in time frame according to the severity of the transgression, like being late at work or aggressiveness in the work place.

Recognition, merit-based pay and merit promotion, job titles, status, training seminars, competence- and mastery rewards ordinary employees.

All of the above need satisfactions are usually satisfactory met in large SA companies. Reinforcement uses the rewards to control behaviour.

Personal growth, realization of potential, achieving a goal, autonomy, promotion opportunities, opportunity for creativity. Amasol initiates a rugby team a social need. They provide many players for the Cheetah team. Reinforcement can use any reward also on other levels to control behaviour.

SA universities set academic achievement as a prerequisite to be able to play club rugby. A critical evaluation of the similarities and differences between reinforcement and expectancy theories of motivation.

Motivating a choice as to which one has the most relevance to explaining the work motivation of employees in SA.

To control behaviour it must be valued and graded. This is done by negative or positive reinforcement. This is the great flaw in his theory.1. General Assessment Guidance • Your summative assessment for Organisational Behaviour is a Coursework submission.

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• The deadline for submission is midnight on 26thApril Any late submissions will be marked as 0%. Organisational Behaviour For the purpose of this essay, I have named the organization I work for as XYZ Nigeria Limited.

Please note that SCM means Supply Chain Management. Essay on Organisational Behaviour - Leadership, in its broadest sense, is the process using social influence to enlist the support of other people in completing a common task or achieving a collective goal.

Leadership and organizational behavior Introduction Leadership and organizational behavior are fundamental issues to any organization and business organization are not an exceptional.

They are essential and interdependent in goal achievement of any organization. "Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people" (U.S. Army Handbook, ). A good leader uses all of three styles, because different kinds of case they need to use different leadership styles, in order to .

Organisational Behaviour Assignme Essay. Dolly is happiest when she feels she belongs to the team where she is irking because she likes security & status - Organisational Behaviour Assignme Essay introduction.

Dolly also displays characteristic of being conscientiousness.

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