Managing relationships essay

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Managing relationships essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Managing Relationships Essay Sample Managing a relationship can always be a tricky task especially when you are not always sure of what the other person wants.

I met Jessica two weeks ago through her sister. I have actually known her sister, Sarah, for over 10 years but never got to meet any of her family. Immediately, I was attracted to her smile and green eyes.

As the night progressed, I started to get a feel for her Managing relationships essay of humor as well as her career ambitions and how good of a mother she is. She has 3 children and I like the fact that she takes care of them.

We talked through out the night and ended up becoming good friends.

Managing relationships essay

The birthday party turned into a real party for us adults as we found a babysitter and proceeded to go to a couple of bars and then bring the party back to the house. Jessica turned out to have trouble sleeping, just like me, and we found ourselves staying up all night cleaning the house and getting to know each other.

I think it was great how quickly we became friends and found myself wanting to get to know her more.

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We were definitely in the exploration stage. I think that her and I have so much in common and are attracted Managing relationships essay each other that something long term could work. When she found out that I did music and she had actually heard my music in the past, I could automatically see her attraction in me increase.

Right now she is married but close to a divorce and is scared of jumping into another relationship. So even though she does want to escalate our relationship, it is not to the level that I would like to see it escalated to.

Right now I would say that we have an interdependent relationship, in that we both have similar power over each other. I think that our attraction to each other, not just physically but mentally as well, is very important to our relationship.

The fact that she is very smart and a good mother is a major bonus in my book and I know she loves that I am a good father, a great musician and that I am working hard on two college degrees.

The most difficult obstacle that is in front of us is our lack of communication.

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What I mean by that, is that it is hard to talk to her on the phone when her husband is around. I work two jobs and I go to school so I am not always able to talk on the phone when she is away from her husband.

Right now, we have only been able to leave each other messages on Facebook and that always takes at least a day to get a response. This is our number one obstacle and we are currently trying to figure out ways on which to improve this.

Managing Conflict in Relationships Essay Sample

The last thing I would want to do is jeopardize her current status with her husband because even though they are heading towards divorce, they are still on good terms with each other and that is an important thing since their children are involved.

She is going to try and get a new cell phone plan so that she has unlimited texting on her phone and if she does that, then I am sure that we will be talking a couple of times a day.

Right now we are lucky to talk on Facebook a couple of times a week. Even though we are only able to talk a couple of times a week, if that, I feel that her and I can still escalate this relationship.

Even though we are in the beginning stages of a relationship, we do consider each other as friends and I feel that if I am able to start talking to her about more personal issues rather than the superficial conversations that we normally have, then our relationship will be able to escalate quite a bit.

Once I get to know her on a more personal level, knowing her intimate likes and dislikes, then that is when I believe that we can take our relationship to the next level. Jessica is a beautiful and smart woman. That is what attracts me to her so much.

I know that she is in a bad relationship and maybe I do feel as if I could save her from that because I know she deserves better.

Managing Conflict in Relationships | Essay Example

I feel that I am the man that can give her better and I am dead set on trying to do that. Reading through our material has given me great insight on what I need to do, which is simply be there for her as a friend right now and work on to becoming a close friend and proceed from their.

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Managing Conflict in Relationships | Essay Example