Increasing crime among youth

Violence against women in India Police records show high incidence of crimes against women in India.

Increasing crime among youth

Essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth Free words essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth for school ad college students. The younger generation, especially the teens have been getting involved in violence and crime at an alarming rate all over the world.

The crimes they commit are more like any other crime, but what makes the situation difficult and more sensitive is that the ones involved in those crimes are the youngsters, the future of the nations. Essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth in India For many reasons they turn to violence and crime, either Increasing crime among youth get lost in the big bad worlds, to enjoy the animalistic pleasure that the power of fear and crime brings or they decide to take it upon themselves to bring the justice to the wrongs done to them.

They, not alone, are responsible for such ugly turn of events.

We, their family, their peers, their friends, the entire society is to be blamed for what is becoming of them. It might help us to understand them better and prevent them from taking the ruthless road.

Youth from the poor economic background wishes to earn big and quick for making their living standard better. They hate the struggle and lose their patience. For fulfilling their desire they take the shortest and the quickest route visible to them, that of crime.

Anger, frustration, aggression, deprivation, inferiority complex, and these psychological problems push the youth to the wrong path of the crime. Also, if they have a troubled childhood or they have witnessed violence at home, they consider it okay to indulge in violence and crime and try to hide their weakness and troubled childhood behind the curtain of crime.

Discrimination concerning age, race, gender, colour also push the youth towards violence and crime. It brings in them frustration and anger that they vent out in the society in the form of crime.

The youngsters who act differently than the set norms of the society are bullied by elders and often are made feel like they are outcastes.

Rejected by the society they turn to the world of crime. Their anger towards the society and the pain that they receive from them is vented out in the form of violence. Teens today are more attracted towards the evils of alcohol and drugs.

They easily get accustomed to them, in fact they get addicted to them. Hence, they turn to crime for obtaining money for fulfilling their addiction of drugs and alcohol.

Peer influence is the strongest reason for the youngsters to act in a certain way. Some of the young generation have come to believe than committing a crime is cool and the others come under the pressure to match up to their peers.

Hence, they also get involved in the criminal activities.

Increasing crime among youth

Sometimes for impressing their peers with their expensive things, they turn to crime for obtaining the money for such extravaganza.SOURCE: National Crime Records Bureau. Crime by location.


Location has a significant impact on crime in India. In , Kerala reported the highest cognisable crime rate of among States of India, while Nagaland recorded lowest rates ().

The rates were calculated by National Crime Records Bureau as the number of incidents per , of the population.

Youth Ki Awaaz is a community of contributors whose stories and perspectives define what matters to today's generation. Login to write, follow your favourite authors, recommend stories that matter and more. increasing crime rates among the youth in india.

Introduction: Open any newspaper or tune into any news channel and you can be pretty sure to stumble upon crimes of all sorts ranging from petty thefts to dacoity, murder, terrorism, sexual crimes and the like. Jul 19, youth crime by: Anonymous Student unrest is a major social problem which needs urgent addressing.

Many people believe that rise in living standards and trying to cope with peer pressure has led our youth to the path of theft, robbery and even murder. Increasing Crimes Among Youth In India.

The Rise In Youth Suicide The following is a summary of "Explaining the Rise in Youth Suicide", by David M.

Most crimes trending amongst youth are:

Cutler, Edward Glaeser, Karen Norberg. This article is the best we have found for comparing suicide theories to what the data actually says. Crime,which drastically increasing among grupobittia.coming corrupted community for the future and fails to produce productive young people in the proper awareness provided to stop crimes among young people and encourage them to behave more .

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