Horse meat have high demand and fetch a hefty price in the market

Overhorses every year are slaughtered to create a meat supply in the European Union.

Horse meat have high demand and fetch a hefty price in the market

There are 7 horse abattoirs in Canada licensed to export meat for human consumption and 21 in Mexico. So what goes on at the horse abattoir, Take a look- www. Chinatons a year and Russia 80, tons a year, as they are mainly butchered in small abattoirs and on farms. There must be something good about horse meat, for all these abattoirs to have such a high production.

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Well of course it is high in protein and low in fat, however for commercial farming the horse cannot convert grass to meat at the same rate as cattle, there not a viable alternative. The United States has 9 million horses compared with 90 million cattle, however the bigger the taboo the less chance of a commercial meat industry.

While farmers are asked to pay a carbon emission tax on the 90 million cattle, who pays this on the 9 million horses, who emit more gas that cattle as any horse rider will know. Horse meat was very popular in Europe, but not eaten in English speaking countries to any large degree.

According to the Daily Mail in London, aroundhorses a year are transported and consumed in the European Union, while in England there are only three horse abattoirs who export to France and Belgium, the practice is still frowned on by the British.

Canada has a thriving horse meat industry, mainly due the default of the Americans and in Quebec it is available in many supermarkets. Horse meat has slightly sweet taste, rather like a cross between beef and venison, the younger the horse the more tender the meat as with beef and lamb.

When I reported recently that there are no abattoir in the United States, that slaughters horse meat for human consumption, that has been the case since November This could be a multi billion dollar industry.

The controversial chef claims horse meat is tasty and nutritious and should be part of the British diet. But his call for horses, long revered as farm and racing animals, to be turned into dinner has sparked revulsion among horse lovers, animal welfare campaigners and vegetarians.

Even hardened meat eaters and fellow chefs said it was a dish too far. The celebrity cook found support from some chefs, who said the meat-eating British were too sentimental about horses and hypocritical because they were happy to eat cows, sheep and pigs.

Horse meat have high demand and fetch a hefty price in the market

But even they doubted whether horse would become popular. Ramsay reveals his horse meat stance in a new series of The F-word, which starts on Tuesday on Channel 4.

The Scottish-born chef admits: He describes horse meat as "slightly gamey" and "packed with protein". For the programme, Ramsay, sends the presenter Janet Street-Porter to France to look at a horse farm and then to Cheltenham racecourse to cook horse on a barbecue and persuade punters to taste it.

Horse meat have high demand and fetch a hefty price in the market

Horse meat is a really good source of protein and one we should take seriously. Speaking at the World Horse Welfare charity conference in London yesterday ThursdayPrincess Anne, who is president of the organisation, said owners were more likely to take better care of their animals if they were eventually destined for supermarket shelves.

But Princess Anne said the furore was mainly caused by the mislabelling of products such as lasagne and meatballs which were sold as beef.

Horses can be kept for both agricultural and other business, but non-agricultural purposes - eg in livery stables. Under the Animal Welfare Actthe well-being of all horses is protected by law.

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It is an offence to cause or allow unnecessary suffering and you have a duty to ensure the basic welfare needs of all horses under your ownership and responsibility by: However, this does not include horses used for producing pharmaceutical products such as antisera, where welfare is covered by the Animals Scientific Procedures Act Many agricultural landowners are unaware of the distinction between agricultural use of land and equestrian use of land.

The most common form of agricultural equine use is grazing horses on land.Moreover, high demand for proteins obtained from animals along with a rise in demand for horse meat especially in Eastern Europe is contributing to the growth of the global farm animal drugs market.

In Eastern Europe, horse meat is a preferred choice and a viable substitute to cattle meat. There must be something good about horse meat, for all these abattoirs to have such a high production.

A good commercial horse will fetch around US$ for the meat trade, time 9 million horses in the United States. A HORSEMEAT market in the UK would not only help fulfil demand for red meat but also boost animal welfare as well, . The oil crisis pushed up the price of beef and, inevitably, domestic horse meat sales rose.

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Protestors picketed stores on horseback, and Pennsylvania Senator Paul S. Schweiker floated a bill banning the sale of horse meat for human consumption.

We raise Angora goats, which produce Mohair. The price and care of them is similar to sheep, except they are sheared twice a year.

The Mohair sell, in our area, for $ to $ per OZ., yes OZ. Other notable symbolic foods include horse meat sashimi (for strength) and the sperm sacs of cod (for virility).

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USDA approves slaughterhouses producing horse meat for human consumption