Dwp business plan 2011 150

Renewable energy advocates and champions of solar power argue a feed-in tariff could help the U. Not to mention the work of academic institutions like UCLA that analyze the potential policies of the DWP; their studies do need study too. At the same time, feed in tariff development has been a slow burn in LA.

Dwp business plan 2011 150

What's happening in Pensions Last Updated: Members as at 1 December must be told in writing before any move to such forms of disclosure and may choose to continue to receive hard copy documents. There are detailed requirements in the amended regulations for the content of notices about disclosure using a website.

dwp business plan 2011 150

This change only applies to items covered by the Disclosure of Information Regulations, for example basic scheme information of the kind usually included in the scheme bookletbenefit statements and the annual report.

Trustees cannot currently move to electronic disclosure for things such as: The Government is, however, considering extending the electronic disclosure facility in due course. At the same time, the requirements for statutory money purchase illustrations are simplified by allowing members to be referred to websites for certain generic information that currently has to be included in the illustration.

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The proposed change see WHiP Issue 16 to the requirement to disclose basic scheme information within one month rather than two in line with the automatic enrolment requirement has been removed but seems likely to be included in other regulations before October They are intended to apply to both trust-based and contract-based DC arrangements.

An earlier draft see WHiP Issue 17 had been criticised for failing to recognise the distinctions between occupational and personal pension schemes, particularly regarding the role of the employer.

The final version fudges that issue by referring to "decision makers" and leaving it to those involved to decide who that means in their circumstances. It takes account of FSA rules and of potential legal liability issues with regard to giving advice.

It focuses on the benefits of the open-market option for annuities, which the Regulator is keen to promote. A presentation of scheme return data This "snapshot of the trust-based DC pensions landscape" analyses scheme return data from DC occupational pension schemes.

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In recent times, employers have been using assets such as real property and intellectual property rights to help fund their pension scheme, often by use of a special purpose vehicle in which the scheme trustees hold an interest. If there is any concern that such a funding arrangement might amount to unlawful ERI, the Regulator expects the agreement with the trustees to include alternative funding e.

The Regulator also expects both it and scheme members to be informed of these funding arrangements. As regards collective investment schemes whose underlying investments are now caught by the ERI legislation which now include certain CISs which were previously exempt - see WHiP Issue 21trustees are expected to manage indirect ERI "in a reasonable and proportionate way".

They are also expected to ensure "as far as possible" that they do not breach the restrictions. It is suggested that where an unintentional breach occurs, trustees who remedy the breach within a reasonable time frame will not be penalised by the Regulator. Guidance on multi-employer schemes and employer departures The Pensions Regulator has finalised its guidance for trustees of multi-employer DB schemes about what can happen when an employer leaves the scheme, or when an employer group is restructured, after 5 April There are no significant changes from the consultation draft see WHiP Issue It focuses on the risks faced by DB pension schemes, predominantly in the private sector.

Most of the pensions elements are already known but the following are of interest. The Bill is only mentioned in the context of changes to state pension age: Regulations to remove the default retirement age of 65 for age discrimination purposes see WHiP Issue 20 will come into force in April The latest review of the employer debt legislation see WHiP Issue 17 is due to be completed by October This case concerns the use of cost as a factor in objectively justifying an act that is discriminatory on grounds of age.

Mr Woodcock was dismissed on grounds of redundancy. The dismissal was conceded to be automatically unfair, because the statutory procedure had not been followed.

He claimed that he had been dismissed on grounds of his age, so as to avoid liability for an enhanced pension payable under the NHS pension scheme to those made redundant aged 50 or over. Efforts had been made, over a period of about a year, to find him suitable alternative employment.

dwp business plan 2011 150

This had been unsuccessful because he was only interested in a high level position and none was vacant. He was ultimately given his 12 month notice entitlement, expiring less than a month before his 50th birthday.The National Archives is the UK government's official archive.

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Our main duties are to preserve Government records and to set standards in information management and re-use. View Justin Hallam’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. • Leading the Business Plan, forecasting and budgeting Title: Group Financial Controller at dwp .

The DWP business plan transparency measures are no longer being updated. Read the the DWP single departmental plan to track the department’s progress towards achieving its priority objectives.

A quarterly snapshot on how each department is spending its budget, the results it has achieved and how it is deploying it's workforce Quarterly Data Summary Q2 Download datafile 'Quarterly Data Summary Q2 ', Format: CSV, Dataset: Business Plan Quarterly Data Summary for DWP .

A Short Guide to the. 2 About this guide and contacts | A Short Guide to the Department for Work & Pensions for across its main business areas and services.

Working-age benefits and support People with disabilities and DWP paid £ billion directly to pensioners and claimants, and £ billion was Housing Benefi t. Business Intelligence: Lead work on the delivery of BI to DWP using Oracle software, identifying new ways of working, delivery of information and efficiency opportunities for the business.

Develop interim roles using my experience in Title: Financial strategy consultant at .

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