Costco case questions

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Costco case questions

A copy of the letter is sent to the corporate regional vice president as well as to food safety operations, which tracks all inspections and response letters, and issues a report each period outlining the findings, later using these findings to target training and update programs.

Our main goal was to come up with a simplified, understandable process designed for and accessible to that year-old high school graduate who is actually doing the work in order to make the program efficacious.

The result was a set of specific HACCP plans for each food department—and for each item, in some cases—all focusing on Costco case questions Critical Control Points, with specific updated Food Code criteria included for the service delis and food courts, for example. However, the person in the facility who does the work may never see the SSOP.

We believe that Costco case questions Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure should be focused on the people who are doing the work.

This means give employees a tool that makes sense, a tool that validates their work and then is reviewed by management.

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The employee can see exactly what is expected from a food safety standpoint—how to set up and operate a slicer or grinder, how to wash it, how to reduce cross-contamination of food contact surfaces or food-handling areas using appropriate hand washing and personal hygiene techniques, how to monitor food product-specific temperature and holding times and so on.

He can also see what corrective actions must be taken and what documents or logs must be completed. Twelve years ago, the company looked at the large number of vendors from which it purchased food products and considered strategies to better assess the safety and quality of the products supplied.

At the time, the Costco Quality Assurance Department conducted cursory checks of vendor products, Wilson notes, but the company decided to develop a more interactive vendor audit program.

The site is also used to post other certifications related to products supplied to Costco.

Costco case questions

Wilson notes that it has been beneficial to have all documents stored in a single location. Wilson believes that this nod from manufacturers and vendors is due, in part, to the fact that the audits make their own systems better.

For example, we provide resource lists to vendors to assist them in finding industry consultants, trade association and academic experts, and service providers such as pest control and testing companies.

We do this to assist vendors who want to begin to or continue to do business with us. Food product samples are analyzed by the QA team against the specifications that have been set by the buying staff.

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QA also coordinates sampling and testing of products scheduled for export and items to be tested in other countries in which Costco operates. Our ground beef operation produces about a half a million pounds of ground beef a day, both raw and cooked, and we can effectively collect and analyze data on the microbiological quality of every single grind.

Unique Approach to Shopper Protection Costco has a unique approach when it comes to protecting their members and providing appropriate notification for a recalled food or nonfood item.

The company can block the sale of any item in the system within minutes of a recall notification. The system is based on membership data collected at point of sale for each item sold.

The item affected is blocked and pulled from shelves quickly, even before an official regulatory announcement. Costco never waits to protect their members: Similac Recall Possible contamination of Similac baby formula was noted in andmembers were contacted less than 24 hours from the notification.

Danielle Salami Products A recall was issued in due to Salmonella contamination;members were contacted, and the product was pulled from locations 8 days prior to any issued press release. Our food safety programs are under constant review, and we continue to focus on how we can improve them, simplify them for everybody across the board and still expect excellent results.

With simplicity in mind, the following challenges have been identified for improvement in the coming year: Health department inspection follow-up, using information obtained from inspections to target training at the building level. Develop better ways to track follow-through with SSOPs. Finally, the biggest challenge but certainly an achievable goal moving forward is to continue to improve member communications and understand new communication formats, including social media, for the ultimate protection of our members worldwide.

Many thanks to R.We influence purchase decisions by creating and activating events that connect with COSTCO members. CDS is your solution provider no matter the scope. Costco Case Questions 09/26/ Question 1: Competition in the North American wholesale club industry is high, with Costco being its leader at 56% of the market share.

Perform a financial analysis of all three clubs. 4. Does the data in case Exhibit 5 indicate that Costco’s expansion outside North America (the U. S. and Canada) is financially successful?

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in Mission, Business Model, and Strategy Assignment Questions 1. What is Costco's Based on the case study please answer the following questions. Mrizek stated that he found it troubling that Costco response to EEOC's case was to attack the victim, including spending $, on a psychiatric expert in an attempt to discredit the employee.

"It is unfortunate that Costco chose to attack its employee rather than take responsibility for its inaction.".

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