Cool ways to write numbers

May 27, I posted this on Facebook: There is something else that I do way better than teaching mathematics, even though teaching has been a year plus career.

Cool ways to write numbers

Monster Math Every year, I always like to review the different forms and ways to write a number. We use Everyday Math in our class and there are always questions about showing a number in many ways.

Cool ways to write numbers

While many of my students know how to show it using addition or subtraction problems, practicing the different forms like word, expanded, and using place value blocks are often forgotten, but still important. They are just too cute and the kids loooove them: This activity took up a large chunk of our math time today and was so much fun!

I set it up like a scavenger hunt and it was the perfect way to keep them moving while practicing math and giggling at the cute monsters: I first printed, cut and laminated all of the monster cards.

There were 24 in all, so it was not too time-consuming. Plus, I plan on reusing them year after year, which will be easy. Right before math class, while the kids were at lunch, I went around the room and taped them up all over the place.

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When the kids came in from lunch, I passed out the packet and we worked on an example problem together, reviewing the four forms and also glancing around the room to see where we could see the little monsters hiding.

This is the first of five pages- you can make a packet of all five or pick and choose the pages and monsters you want to use. I then sent them off to find the monster of their choice and copy down what was on the card into the right spot on the row.

They would then use that info to fill in the three remaining forms. All 24 cards were mixed up throughout the room, so they had to read place value blocks, standard, word and expanded forms.

It was great to see them hunt down their favorite monsters first and then see all of the fun things that monster was doing in its various forms.

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They completed these independently, but could ask friends for locations of monsters if they got stuck. I just noticed her bottom word form was wrong, but oh well ; We are going to review these and I will keep the cards handy for some of my kids who will need the additional practice.

They are small enough to use as flash cards, so it would be a very easy center activity, too!0 is the additive identity. 1 is the multiplicative identity. 2 is the only even prime. 3 is the number of spatial dimensions we live in.

4 is the smallest number of colors sufficient to color all planar maps. 5 is the number of Platonic solids. 6 is the smallest perfect number. 7 is the smallest number of sides of a regular polygon that is not constructible by straightedge and compass. It's just a symbol that represents the concept of the number four.

To further illustrate this point, take a gander at these symbols: 4-(-4) (8 ÷ 2) (2)(2) Each of these symbols is different, but they're all symbolic representations of the number four. Same deal with the Roman numeral IV. They're just different ways of saying the same thing.

Dec 30,  · Writing Numbers Different Ways TeacherTube Math This video instructs how to write numbers in standard form word form short word form and expanded form.

How Many Ways Can You Make a Number. We keep discovering new ways to write the alphabet — and we love to do a few of our favorites every time too.

Here are ten ways to make the letter T! My Four ran outside to get some twigs, and he and his big sister made these. who am I:: what I write:: email:: twitter.

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Have you ever wondered what makes seventh heaven and cloud nine so blissful and the number 13 so unlucky?

Here's the on the origins of numerical expressions and the importance of numbers in fiction.

Ways to Write a Number: Monster Math - 3rd Grade Thoughts