A comparison of jabberwocky and hysteria essay

Just twelve chapters in an order which, although not random, will not be immediately perceptible.

A comparison of jabberwocky and hysteria essay

And yet, they continue to excite interpretative desire. The latter came into being in the s, the Lewis Carroll-epoch, during which Wilhelm Wundt established the first psychological laboratory in The same applies to psychoanalysis itself, to some extent.

Indeed, many regard even Lacanian psychoanalysis itself as something belonging to the past. From a Lacanian perspective, both the Alice-stories and their scientific counterparts emerge as worlds of language trig- gering a logocentric reading and as spatiotemporal ambiances triggering a topological readingand I have applied that perspective in the design of this essay.

Subsequently, I will address the topo- logical dimensions of the tales, i. And finally, I will discuss a cinematic Alice-version, casting Wonderland as an outdoors psychiatric ward. As Freud[] argued, dreams, daydreams, and dream-like stories may serve as windows into the unconscious, providing access onto a different stage.

There an unusual logic reigns, based on association, condensation, and displacement, while time itself seems modifiable or absent Freud,pp. Sub- sequently, classical Freudian or even ego-analytical interpreta- tions, such as those of A. A Lacanian perspective moves in a different direction.

What surfaces in these stories is not the unconscious of one particular author, but rather the structure of the unconscious as such, as a particular discursive ambiance. His scholarly mind-games3 are sometimes amusing, sometimes pedantic, but it is only in his stories that he anticipates the epistemic Hub Zwart upheaval affecting research fields such as logic, mathematics, and linguistics from onwards a development which was still a few decades away when Carroll created Wonderland.

But Carroll also stands out as a remarkable precursor of both psychoanalysis and surreal- ism. We must start, then, by following Alice into the rabbit hole. On her way down, time and space seem frozen or suspended, and it is difficult to estimate the distance and dura- tion of her fall, as she passes books, maps, marmalade jars and pictures on her way.

Various possible interpretations of this scene come to mind. Building on the mother earth archetype, one may see it as a delivery in reverse, one played backwards as it were, a re- verted birth trauma or return journey into the motherly womb. All these elements make sense, even if their logical sequence seems botched up.

A comparison of jabberwocky and hysteria essay

Another possible interpretation builds on the idea of the human body as an ecosystem: I will offer here a different approach.

A door leads into a garden, but it is too small to pass through. Immediately she begins to shrink, becoming the size of the garden door. Unfortunately, the door is locked, and the key is on the table, now beyond her reach. How to make sense of this scene?Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (a.k.a.

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In the following essay, he examines Carroll's need to impose order on the chaotic characters and language in "Jabberwocky." In the history of literature, no writer was apparently more "sane" than Lewis Carroll, one of the most beloved children's authors in the world.

In November "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"—along with Eliot's poems "Portrait of a Lady," "The Boston Evening Transcript," "Hysteria," and "Miss Helen Slingsby"—was included in Catholic Anthology – edited by Ezra Pound and printed by Elkin Mathews in London.

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